Diabulus gone live on Dedi! (December 10, 2015)

Dear following Pirates!

Dedicated server is now online!

We have moved into a new dedicated server with 8 core processor 32 GB RAM DDR3 and 2 TB of disk.
The real cost per month is $76 USD. This cost its just a little in comparisson with the high passion that we have with top and coding Diabulus!
Hope you like the new server!

Little changes with the dedicates:
1. Barborosa's Fork and Knife appareals now cost 500k.
2. Artemis Crownstone can be used now for every class.
3. When u use poss u can use cb too.
5. Fixed super amp of strive (3x).
6. PVP map at bar fixed.

Diabulus Team!
Enjoy game, Enjoy life.

Xmas#2 - High Exp! (December 9, 2015)

Dear following Pirates!

This weekend we will have double exp to enjoy the xmas!
Stay with us and we wil be the best Diabulus!

Event time:
From Saturday 12-12-15 00:00 GMT-3 to Sunday 12-13-15 23:59 GMT-3

You will find high exp all weekend: X8! (Normal x5)

Hope you enjoy the Second xmas event!

Diabulus Team!
Enjoy game, Enjoy life.

Xmas#1 - Hide and seek. (December 3, 2015)

Dear following Pirates!

Xmas is near and we wanna have some fun here!
This is a little event for get a wonderfull rune and some funny extra rewards!

Event time:
21:30 GMT-3 (22:30 Server time)

Task to do:
You need to find the Game Master and bring to him 10 Elven fruits! Thats all!

First, second and third place: 1 Kal Runestones.
And of course, lots of funny rewards to all.

Hope you enjoy the first xmas event!

Diabulus Team!
Enjoy game, Enjoy life.