Changelog 05 (February 9, 2014)

·New Prices:
01. Elven Fruit (6.895)
02. Red Date(6.895)
03. Mushroom(6.895)
04. Stramonium Fruit(6.895)
05. Ice Fruit(6.895)
06. Rainbow Fruit(6.895)
07. Elven Fruit Juice(6.895)
08. Red Date Tea(6.895)
09. Mushroom Soup(6.895)
10. Stramonium Fruit Juice(6.895)
11. Ice Cream(6.895)
12. Rainbow Fruit Juice(6.895)
13. Fruity Mix(6.895)
14. Medicated Grass(6.895)
15. Fancy Petal(6.895)
16. Strange Fruit(6.895)
17. Snowy Grass Bud(6.895)
18. Liquorice Potion(6.895)
19. Energetic Tea(6.895)
20. Special Ointment(6.895)
21. Snowy Soft Bud(6.895)
22. Tiamari Fruit(6.895)
23. Mystery Fruit(6.895)
24. Agrypnotic(6.895)
25. Magical Potion(6.895)
26. Red paper(200)
Demonic Fruits:
27. Demonic Fruit of Acidity(100)
28. Demonic Fruit of Courage(100)
29. Demonic Fruit of Strength(100)
30. Demonic Fruit of Intellect(100)
31. Demonic Fruit of Energy(100)
32. Demonic Fruit of Aberrant(100)
33. Demonic Fruit of Mystery(100)
34. Fusion Scroll(200)
35. Strengthening Scroll(200)
36. Fusion Catalyst(1.180m)
37. Strengthening Crystal(1.180m)
38. Equipment Catalyst(380k)
39. Equipment Stabilizer(380k)
40. Refining Catalyst(280k)
41. Blacksmith Pliers(930k)
42. Skeletar Chest of Swordsman(5k)
43. Skeletar Chest of Hunter(5k)
44. Skeletar Chest of Herbalist(5k)
45. Skeletar Chest of Explorer(5k)
46. Incantation Chest of Crusader(7k)
47. Incantation Chest of Champion(7k)
48. Incantation Chest of Sharpshooter(7k)
49. Incantation Chest of Cleric(7k)
50. Incantation Chest of Seal Master(7k)
51. Incantation Chest of Voyager(7k)
52. Evanescence Chest of Crusader(9k)
53. Evanescence Chest of Champion(9k)
54. Evanescence Chest of Sharpshooter(9k)
55. Evanescence Chest of Cleric(9k)
56. Evanescence Chest of Seal Master(9k)
57. Evanescence Chest of Voyager(9k)
58. Enigma Chest of Crusader(10k)
59. Enigma Chest of Champion(10k)
60. Enigma Chest of Sharpshooter(10k)
61. Enigma Chest of Cleric(10k)
62. Enigma Chest of Seal Master(10k)
63. Enigma Chest of Voyager(10k)
64. Touch of Death(9962)
65. Robe of Death(9962)
66. Staff of the Avenger(9962)
67. Robe of the Venom Witch(9962)
68. Armor of Revenant(9962)
69. Sword of Grief(9962)
70. Tooth of Specter(9962)
71. Mantle of the Naga(9962)
72. Greatsword of Incantation(16212)
73. Blade of Incantation(16212)
74. Corset of Incantation(16212)
75. Kiss of the Cursed(16212)
76. Staff of Incantation(16212)
77. Coat of Invocation(16212)
78. Staff of Abraxas(16212)
79. Robe of Abraxas(16212)
80. Tooth of the Cursed(16212)
81. Mantle of the Cursed Flame(16212)

Getting gold:
- Added Blueprints drops to all isle mobs.
- Added million Dollar Note to all Mirages Drops!

Blacksmith Disciple:
- Removed Fusion Scroll (Can get on mazes now)
- Removed Strengthening Scroll (Can get on mazes now)
- Removed Blue Fruit

First Tower: 2294,2727 Argent City
Second Tower: 846,3515 Shaitan City
Third Tower: 818,3596 Shaitan City
Fourth Tower: 1299,485 Icicle City
Fifth Tower: 1274, 506 Icicle City

- Added Donations
- Added Diabulus Donor Medal Event.

Item Mall:
- Added Diabulus Coin Pack x99
- Added Diabulus Coin Pack x20

Diabulus Donor Medal (February 9, 2014)

DDM - The Donor Emblem

Thanks for your help at fisrt!

Here you have an explanation of Diabulus Donor Medal and how it works.

What DDM is?
The Diabulus Donor Medal is an emblem for all player that support the server.
It's an indestructible and untradeable medal.

Where can i get a DDM?
There ir one only way to get it: Donating to us.
For every 10 USD that you donate us, you will receibe a DDM forever.
Old donors can get one DDM for each 10 USD that you donate to the old Diabulus Pirates Online (infinitefantasy online games). These bonus can claimed send us an email with the same email that you donate the las time and your username to: [email protected]

What can i do with DDM?
Every time that you donate, a GM will check your inventory and the number of DDM. After you donate 10 USD or less, you will receibe directly from a GM a bonus.

IMPORTAN: If you have 4 DDM from older donations, and now donate 10 USD more, ou will receive the bonus from 4 DDM, and before you receibe all the rewards, you will get an extra DDM.

Is there a limit of DDM?
Yes. To protect the game feire, you can get up to 10 DDM.

Whats are the rewards?
1 DDM: 15 Diabulus Coins
2 DDM: 36 Diabulus Coins
3 DDM: 57 Diabulus Coins
4 DDM: 80 Diabulus Coins
5 DDM: 100 Diabulus Coins
6 DDM: 120 Diabulus Coins
7 DDM: 147 Diabulus Coins
8 DDM: 168 Diabulus Coins
9 DDM: 189 Diabulus Coins
10 DDM: 220 Diabulus Coins

Are DDM delet whe i use it?
No, you never lost your donor medal. You can have it forever! And you can exchange every time that you donate again to us.

Please if you have any suggest send us an email to [email protected]!

Thanks for your time and have a good game!

Diabulus Team
Enjoy Game, Enjoy Life,

Changelog 05 (February 9, 2014)

Beta end is near!

Chaos Argent:
- No honour needed, Just need 60 Reputation points and gold!

Fairy Merchant:
- Cancelled npc, not suppose to give unseals and it was. (in next update it be fixed)

Sam, Rep Exchanger
- Unique Ring Voucher
- Unique Neck Voucher

Pet Seller:
- Lowed probability to get mordo on fairy box.

Appareal store:
- Fix minor bugs that make all player get free gold.

- Added Xtremetop to vote for us!
- Added information about Forsaken city on Map Section.
- Added Unique Gem Voucher to Item mall.

Diabulus Coins
- Added Diabulus Coin to Forsaken City
- Added Diabulus Coin to Dark Swamp
- Added Diabulus Coin to Demonic World
- Added Diabulus Coin to Chaos Argent
Drops on Features.