Manteinance end! (July 2, 2014)

Enjoy diabulus!
New stuff added

In a few minutes new patch and new changelog will be available for all players!


Diabulus Team
Enjoy game, Enjoy life!

Changelog 10 (June 22, 2014)

- New Map available: Winter Island

· All winter NPC fixed.

- Fixed third slot on appareals.

- Azrael Gems!
· Undead Azrael - Red Stone, Violent Bear, Crazy Snow Demon (Winter Island)
· Azrael's Light - King Tortoise, Frost Chimera, Jack Pirate (winter Island)
· Azrael's Agregation - Riyal Beast, Pumpkin General, Stone Dragon (Winter Island)
· Azrael's Glare - Demonic Soul, Icy Dragon, Half-beast Man (Winter Island)
· Azrael's Dance - Nightmare, Soul Killer, Sword Demon(Winter Island)

- Changed Diabulus website view.

Award Centre:
- Added Fusion Scroll Pack x9
- Added Ticket to Winter Island x3
- Added Magic Clover x19

Itemm Mall:
- Added Fusion Scroll Pack x9
- Added Ticket to Winter Island x9

- King tortoise shell
- Herbal jelly
- Multi edgetortoise shell

Diabulus Team,
Enjoy game, Enjoy life!

Diabulus Online ! enjoy us! (June 22, 2014)

Dear players:

In previous days, our security system detected a player who attempts to cheat by duplicating items. This caused us serious problems because the security system is not able to stop it properly and caused a collapse in the server.
While the problem is already solved and the person responsible was banned, we should apologize to the other players in these days of inactivity.
For this reason, all users who want a reward for these days will receive 15 Diabulus Coins.
All users created before the day 20/6 may participate, to a maximum of 2 users by IP address and / or Mac Address.
Send an email to [email protected] with the following:

On the subject of the mail put REWARD. The message:


Mails will be received until Wednesday 26/6.
We again apologize for the problems caused and respectfully salute.
Diabulus team,
Enjoy game, enjoy life!

Queridos jugadores:

En los dias anteriores, nuestro sistema de seguridad detecto a un jugador que intento hacer trampa duplicando items. Esto nos produjo serios problemas debido a que el sistema se seguridad no pudo frenarlo correctamente y causo un colapso en el servidor.
Si bien el problema ya esta solucionado y la persona responsable fue baneada, debemos pedirles disculpas a los demas jugadores por estos dias de inactividad.
Por este motivos, todos los usuarios que deseen una recompenza por estos dias recibiran 15 Diabulus Coins.
Todos los usuarios creados antes de el dia 20/6 podran participar, hasta un maximo de 2 usuarios por direccion ip y/o Mac Address.
Enviar un email a [email protected] con lo siguiente:

En el sujeto de el mail poner REWARD. En el mensaje:


Se recibiran los mails hasta el Miercoles 26/6.
Volvemos a disculparnos por los problemas causados y los saludamos con todo respeto.
Diabulus team,
Enjoy game, enjoy life!